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A Webinar for today's omnichannel retailer

phone.pngDigital commerce continues to disrupt retail like never before. Innovative and smart retailers recognize they must transform the in-store experience. The store must be inspirational, a testing lab, a service site and a shipping center. Today’s store must pick up exactly where online leaves off, resulting in a seamless shopping experience for today’s consumer.

The challenge for the next-generation store is to avoid adding complexity to the shopping experience; but instead improve customer satisfaction, drive sales and enhance your brand.


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DECEMBER 7, 2017 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Deborah Austin

Join Deborah Austin, NetSuite’s Senior Solution Consultant, as she presents strategies and systems that guarantee retailers a seamless shopping experience, offer cross-channel order fulfillment and provide effective and consistent customer service.

Featuring an intro by HFN Editor Maureen Azzato.
And hosted by Oracle + NetSuite.

Jim Bonomo

James P. Bonomo, Chief Operating Officer, Regina Andrew Design (RAD)

Passion for their customer, has led Regina Andrew Design to invest in NetSuite, providing a “best in class” customer experience. The company launched their Suite Commerce, B2B e-commerce website, in January of 2017. This extraordinary site has proved to be an extremely powerful sales tool. It has successfully streamlined the business processes, while providing a complete consumer buying experience. Customer Service is at the heart of everything Regina Andrew Design remains passionate about.